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When Princess Lacey decides she wants to dress up, she does it in black and white. She makes sure she is stunning and wears her best ball kicking boots. She sits her slave down in front of her and tells him what he will do today. She knows that he will mess up and she will get to kick him in the cock and balls as punishment. That is why she is telling him things she knows he can't do.

This hot brunette slut shows her masked slave who's boss by kicking him hard in the balls with her spiked high heel boots. When he falls to the ground, she tramples him and stands with her full weight digging the heels into his chest. She is a cruel mistress who likes to torture her slave by ramming him in the nuts and intensely trampling his entire body like he was a human carpet.

When Stella realizes how worthless her slave is, she realizes that he needs to be continually punished. When she takes him out for a walk, she wears her favorite grey boots. She puts him on his hands and knees, blindfolds him and makes him lick. She wants her boots cleaned from all the dirt and grime that has accumulated and she wants it done NOW. He is a pathetic slave so he will do it with no complaints.

Miss Julia is a very demanding and brutal mistress. She is going to get her ball busting slave and teach him a lesson he will never forget. Miss Julia will kick him in the balls so fucking hard, he will drop to the ground in pain from the brutal ballbusting he is receiving. She loves to dish out pain to her loser slaves and humiliate them.

Goddess No is having her friend assist in torturing her slaves. The slaves are going to be completed tortured and brutalized. Goddess No is gorgeous and sexy, and looks so hot in her black leather outfit. She will sit on the face of all of her slaves and make them smell her ass. Her slaves are going to be completely tortured when she is done with them.

This slave gets his balls destroyed by this sexy girl in her black leather pants and black high heeled boots. This mean girl jumps on top of his small body crushing him under her full weight. She tramples and jumps on his stomach and steps on his cock and balls. He is in agony after she gives him the cock and ball torture from the soles of her black boots

A group of hot girls thought it would be fun for them to find a slave to torture. They found one and put him to his knees from all of the girls ballbusting and nut kicking. He drops to his knees in his little boxer. One of the girls kicks him knocking him over and then tramples all over his chest while he is still in pain from all of the kicking

Katja has her foot slave cringing and screaming in pain but his dick remains hard as hell as she tramples all over his chest and balls. She is wearing her favorite black boots while she is jumping up and down on his chest. He barely can take the humiliation but this bitch is hot as hell and he would do anything to make sure she is happy and horny.

Princess Pumagirly has put on the high heel boots this time. Her abused victim for the night is bent over with his head in the closet while she stuffs her boots up his ass knocking the mess out of his balls. He grips the wall begging for this femdom to stop torturing him like that. the more he screams the more abuse she gives to his nuts.

Being a pathetic waste of space and good for nothing Lady Pam's slave will get his balls kicked just for her pleasure. The humiliation begins with her ordering him naked into the living room. There she begins to kick him in the balls really hard. His moans of pain only agitate her further and she starts to slap his face in between her hard blows. With her sexy black high heels she doesn't stop until he is lying whimpering on the floor at her feet.

Mistress Paige and Mistress Megan have fun torturing one slave with their tender and sexy bare feet. They make him lie on the ground very flat and motionless as they both begin to stand up on his chest. After that they bust his balls in turn. Later they even trample the slave together while they are wearing their sexy high heeled boots.

Mistress Maria and Lady Claudia are kicking the bitch over and over again right into his nuts. He isn't able to do anything at all. After being kicked by passengers and those ladies he is made to eat up a leaf which is laying on the ground. Very humiliating and degrading scenes...

The sexy Puma Girls has her slave bend over and holding up himself with spread legs. She starts to kick and bust his small balls with her sexy black leather boots. Over and over she keeps kicking and hitting his nuts with full power until he screams out in pain and gets on the ground. She laughs and humiliates him for being such a coward...

Those girls are punishing one lazy worker fairy. He was working not hard enough and now they make him kneel on the ground and start to punish him! They kick him, bust his balls and tell him that if he wouldn't do a better job, both girls will kick his balls so long until they burst...

Sexy Mistress Claudia decides to punish her shy slave in public for not doing the house works well enough. She commands him to kneel on the ground outside in public as she kicks his balls several times with her sharp spiky high heeled black leather boots. After that she makes him lick and suck her heel clean.

Lifestyle Diva Maria loves to bust her slaves balls. Especially if she wears her high heeled black leather boots. Those boots are killers and she can hurt her slaves very much by kicking them. In this clip one guy is already kneeling in front of her as she kicks his balls several times until he lays on the ground begging for mercy

Three girls and one poor guy - 6 Feet to bust with and two balls to destroy. Those girls are having a new hobby. They love kicking and busting a slaves balls. In this clip they keep the guy fixed while another girl kicks his balls. It's getting round and round and he can't get out - every girl wants to kick and has visibly a lot of fun doing that to him...

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