Hot Ballbusting Girls

Hot girls kicking men's balls

Lady Stefanie wanted to find a way in which to test this slave and she did it in a way none of them had never tried before. She cruelly stripped him naked and she kicked his nuts and did so with the help of her friend. He could not do anything about it other than to cry and beg for mercy before they were done with him and let him go.

Goddess Sheela was not ok with how this guy misled her. He had to be punished for all that he had done. And for that, he had to be punished. The mistress did not care about any of the things he said as he had his chance and he messed it up. So she did what she does best and she cruelly ballbusted him until he cried like a baby.

Mistress Dula was disappointed with how her ex husband had been late in sending her alimony. She wanted him to do it early because she knew he could. She did not want him to continue making it a big deal when he knew it was his obligation. She went ahead to ballbust him so as to send a strong and clear signal to him that she would not tolerate such.

This patient was rude and troublesome to the extent that this doctor had to punish him. She felt that it was important for her to teach him a lesson and that is why she went out of her way to ball crush him. He had to learn his lesson and she did not care what he felt as she did her thing on him as the end goal was to make him change.

Missy Van Licks does not like to deal with thieves and this guy was one. She did not want it to be a thing and that is why she went out of her way to deal with this loser. He thought that she was going to forgive him but she did not. She had to make him accountable and that is how she did it. He never stole again after that.

This mistress felt that her accountant had gone rogue and she wanted to make sure he got straight. She did not like how he acted and how he did things so she had use the best way possible to dominate him and teach him a lesson. That is why the mistress chose to hot ballbust him and he learned an important lesson in the process. He was even ball crushed by the angry mistress.

This guy was a nuisance to mistress Ava and she did not like what he had done. She had to ensure that he would never be a nuisance again and that is why she chose to punish him. He cried as the pain got to him but that was not the end of it. The mistress also punched him hard before she had him smell her farts. He was never a nuisance again.

This mistress gets angered easily and when this guy pissed her off today, he did not know that he would be in for a rough ride. That is why she chose to use her ballbusting fetish to make him know the kind of person she was. The mistress ensured he was naked before she kicked him hard in the balls with her boots. He never joked with her again as he knew what she could do.

This mistress was hit on by her neighbor and she did not like it as her neighbor knew that she was in a relationship. The mistress told him off the first time but he did it again and this time she had to punish him. The mistress invited him over and she stripped him naked before cruelly kicking him in the nuts. She ballbusted him and laughed at him as he cried.

This mistress wanted this loser to learn to do things the way she wanted and that is why she had to dominate as well as humiliate him because he was not respectful or obedient towards her. So she stripped him naked and she used her high heels to ballbust him. He cried and wished he had never angered her. But it was too late and he learned his lesson painfully.

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