Hot Ballbusting Girls

Hot girls kicking men's balls

Those girls are punishing one lazy worker fairy. He was working not hard enough and now they make him kneel on the ground and start to punish him! They kick him, bust his balls and tell him that if he wouldn't do a better job, both girls will kick his balls so long until they burst...

Sexy Mistress Claudia decides to punish her shy slave in public for not doing the house works well enough. She commands him to kneel on the ground outside in public as she kicks his balls several times with her sharp spiky high heeled black leather boots. After that she makes him lick and suck her heel clean.

Those sexy girls are mistress Crash and lady Nikki. Both girls are totally into beating any guys because they supposed to be lesbians and hate any men. This one is their slave! They kick him and beat him and he cannot escape since he signed a contract - both girls are torturing him very much and in the end they make him lick their stinky and dirty pantyhosed feet...

Roksana busted a guy who tried to smuggle drugs into her country. Now she gets him out of his car and handcuffs him. After that she starts punishing him very cruel. She kicks and busts his balls several times to make sure he won't ever think about selling drugs in her lovely country.

Not enough that Belinda's boy friend loves feet (how fucking pathetic) she just find out that he is one of those guys who enjoy having a woman kicking and busting his balls. Is that guy just useable for anything else than just being kicked and tortured? She guesses not so why don't make him her slave...

Lifestyle Diva Maria loves to bust her slaves balls. Especially if she wears her high heeled black leather boots. Those boots are killers and she can hurt her slaves very much by kicking them. In this clip one guy is already kneeling in front of her as she kicks his balls several times until he lays on the ground begging for mercy

The Puma Girly wears her sexy UGG-Boots and wants to try them by kicking her slaves balls. He stands right in front of her as she strikes out and hits him very hard between his legs busting his nuts. He screams and she finds it so funny that she instantly kicks him some more. She makes sure that he suffers for her - busting his balls is one of her favorite hobbies...

The sexy Ladies Xana and Megan are having their slave laying on the ground next to their feet. They trample him with their full weight while they are wearing high heels. Later they make him lick the bottoms of their soles clean. The slave follows each instruction and as reward both girls start to bust his balls.

Sexy Mistress Viki ball busts her slave with her sexy tender feet. She enjoys her power and kicks into his balls very hard. Her slaves cries and screams amuse her so that she continues very pleased, knowing that each kick and each bust will have drastic sequences. After she is done he gets rewarded with the honor to kiss her feet.

Belinda doesn't like it that her boyfriend is turning more and more into a barbaric massacre. Suddenly she is really angry and pissed off, grabs him by his balls and by his hairs and tells him to clean the whole room! Frightened he cries out and does what she commanded.

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