Hot Ballbusting Girls

Hot girls kicking men's balls

Being a pathetic waste of space and good for nothing Lady Pam's slave will get his balls kicked just for her pleasure. The humiliation begins with her ordering him naked into the living room. There she begins to kick him in the balls really hard. His moans of pain only agitate her further and she starts to slap his face in between her hard blows. With her sexy black high heels she doesn't stop until he is lying whimpering on the floor at her feet.

Let's make some scrambled eggs! The poor slave of Xana and Megan gets to know the two mistresses mean this quite literally. He is ordered to the floor and they put real uncooked eggs on his privates. The two have a lot of fun kicking him in the crotch hard and breaking the eggshells directly over his dock. The glibbery contents smears all over his shots and even under it.

Mistress Roksana is punishing her boyfriend for being an asshole! He always behaves good to her but that's not enough she says. She wants to be treated like a Princess because she deserves to be treated like one. She her boyfriend isn't any longer her boyfriend but a slave to her and he should accept it. Until he does she kicks his balls with her sexy bare feet, over and over again...

This pathetic slave asked his mistress to cum and she wants to punish him. He has to bend over naked and she starts kicking and whipping his balls. He needs to learn to follow her rules or punishment will be inevitable!

Total Submissiveness means total addiction and self give-up. This slave actually reached that point! He has given up and submitted to those beautiful Mistresses. Now they do anything to him to punish and humiliate him. They make him lick their bare feet, they kick his balls, over and over again, they spit into his face and they make him kiss their sexy asses...

This chick ordered her slave to lay his cock on the kitchen table, gets on the kitchen table and starts to stomp his cock under her wedges. The hard wooden sole of the shoes hurt his cock badly - but this mistress sure wants to inflict a lot of pain. She not only stomps the cock under her shoes - she also stands on it with her full weight!

Mistress Katja tied her slave's feet to the couch so his legs stay spread all the time - this way he has no chance to escape the merciless kicks she delivers to his balls! Again and again her sneakers hit his balls with full force and he screams in pain while his mistress is just amused by his pain. She also tramples him - and his balls - und her sneakers.

This sexy young Mistress wants to humiliate her slave boy friend in public! So she makes a nice walk with him outside in a park where she makes him stand on a tree. Then she begins to kick and bust his balls over and over again. She uses her bare feet to punish and hurt him.

Lady Megan and her girlfriend Jennifer invited someone who owed money to them both. As they ask him for the money he blocks up and tries to leave their house but Megan forces him to stay, turns him around and Jennifer kicks his nuts very violently! He cries and tries to run away but the ladies are far too strong for him and found it amusing to punish him like that...

This fool claimed that he would do anything for Chloe and Shonna if they would just let him worship their superior feet. They agreed with a smile and soon he found himself kneeling and kissing their pretty feet. Then it was her turn to tell him what they want in return from him: Each kiss on their feet will result in three kicks into his balls... He actually kissed them more than a hundred times...

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