Hot Ballbusting Girls

Hot girls kicking men's balls

All articles in archive 10/2010

Mistress Nicole loves to destruct testicles with her feet! This time her victim is sitting on the ground with his legs spread while the mistress begins to kick his balls over and over again using her sexy white socked feet. The poor loser begins to cry but Nicole is in rage and continues her ball busting...

Mistress Paige and Mistress Megan have fun torturing one slave with their tender and sexy bare feet. They make him lie on the ground very flat and motionless as they both begin to stand up on his chest. After that they bust his balls in turn. Later they even trample the slave together while they are wearing their sexy high heeled boots.

Margo plays cards with a guy and she wants to place upfront - if he wins she'll do a striptease for him and she wins she kicks him in the balls! Of course Margo wins and it's time for his punishment. She kicks his balls with her bare feet and has great fun inflicting pain on him.

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