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The beautiful Miss Chris gives her foot slave an unbearable nut breaking performance as she tramples her slaves balls in her skates. She loves humiliating her slave as she kicks and abuses her slave while wearing her heavy shoe artillery, she delivers one ballbusting blow after another trampling his cock and balls in the process. This is one foot trampling that you will never forget and will want to pass along to others to enjoy.

Mistress Katja tied her slave's feet to the couch so his legs stay spread all the time - this way he has no chance to escape the merciless kicks she delivers to his balls! Again and again her sneakers hit his balls with full force and he screams in pain while his mistress is just amused by his pain. She also tramples him - and his balls - und her sneakers.

Those sexy girls are mistress Crash and lady Nikki. Both girls are totally into beating any guys because they supposed to be lesbians and hate any men. This one is their slave! They kick him and beat him and he cannot escape since he signed a contract - both girls are torturing him very much and in the end they make him lick their stinky and dirty pantyhosed feet...

The sexy Ladies Xana and Megan are having their slave laying on the ground next to their feet. They trample him with their full weight while they are wearing high heels. Later they make him lick the bottoms of their soles clean. The slave follows each instruction and as reward both girls start to bust his balls.

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