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A co-worker angered Miss Julia, and she wanted to take out some of that aggression and anger on someone, and she found a slave whom she took it out on. She made him remove his shirt and enjoyed kicking and slapping him all over karate style. Not satisfied, she ordered to undress to her boxer and then aggressively rained some more kicks to the cock and balls. And she was doing it with her heels!

The two sexy brunette dominatrix's Miss Bella and her friend Miss Giggles have a good nut kicking session with this slave who hates bare feet. The girls humiliate and punish this slave by giving him swift kicks to his balls dressed in their hot black leather outfits. After the cock and ball torture is over the dominatrix's force their sweaty stocking toes into his mouth as an added mea sure

Sexy Mistress Viki ball busts her slave with her sexy tender feet. She enjoys her power and kicks into his balls very hard. Her slaves cries and screams amuse her so that she continues very pleased, knowing that each kick and each bust will have drastic sequences. After she is done he gets rewarded with the honor to kiss her feet.

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