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Mistress Dula was disappointed with how her ex husband had been late in sending her alimony. She wanted him to do it early because she knew he could. She did not want him to continue making it a big deal when he knew it was his obligation. She went ahead to ballbust him so as to send a strong and clear signal to him that she would not tolerate such.

Mistress Dula has no time for sissies as this one came to find out. He did not even know he was one until he met her. She had told him to do something about it but he did not know how to get out of it. So she had to help but it was not easy for him. She kicked him in the nuts and did other cruel and humiliating things to help him change.

Mistress Dula was not going to sit back and watch her boyfriend get scammed and conned of his hard earned cash. She had to do something as she knew that he was not much of a fighter. The mistress hunted down the con and she ballbusted him until he gave her boyfriend the money he had conned him. But she also made sure that he never told her boyfriend that she was involved.

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