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This mistress has taken punishment to the next level. Dressed in her red leather pants and matching high heel boots she strips her foot slave until he is naked then tramples all over his little cock while still wearing her dangerous heels. She lights his cock on fire using a firecracker then continues to trample on his weak body while he scream in pain.

Mistress Maria and Lady Claudia are kicking the bitch over and over again right into his nuts. He isn't able to do anything at all. After being kicked by passengers and those ladies he is made to eat up a leaf which is laying on the ground. Very humiliating and degrading scenes...

Mistress Lady Maria and sexy gorgeous Empress Claudia are having a lot of fun torturing a slave on the parking lot. They kick him and bust his nuts and there is nothing he can do against it. Both girls are really powerful and forcing him to act as they both want - every attempt to escape is senseless and the women know how lost their little faggot is...

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